List of weapons
Knife1 - 1A small weapon, make few damage. Try to buy something more effective.  
Club1 - 2A good wood can help to beat enemies  
Dagger1 - 2A short weapon not the best but always better than a knife  
Hatchet1 - 2This weapon is good for cut wood and also some flesh ... orcs flesh  
Cane1 - 2This is a basic staff but a strong wood can help in some situation  
Mace1 - 3The iron at is top is good for smash some bone  
Short Sword1 - 3A good blade can help to stay alive  
Axe1 - 3Orcs has no hopes against this weapon  
Spiked Mace1 - 4Let's smash some bones with this mace  
Spear1 - 5It is better than a cane but you can buy something better  
Trident1 - 6This weapon is loved inside arenas but is very effective everywhere  
Morning Star2 - 4This weapon is very effective against hard heads  
Sword2 - 4This kind of blades are very useful to make new enemies  
Rhomphaia2 - 4This bented blade is very effective and not too big  
Saber2 - 4Another good blade for kill some monster  
Waraxe2 - 4The war is bad but this axe make you more bad  
WarHammer2 - 5You have one of this? Then lets smash some goblin  
Bastard Sword2 - 5A very good blade, you have to buy this  
Double Axe2 - 5Cut your enelies as butter, it make your life easyer  
Halberd2 - 5This is a good staff for your journeys  
Long Rhomphaia2 - 5A very good staff that give some troubles to your enemies  
2 handed Sword2 - 6This is a big blade, you can't use the shield but who dares  
Dwarven Axe2 - 6The state of the art of axes  
Ice Sword3 - 6  
Mist Axe3 - 6This kind of axes are able to give more wounds thanks to their shape  
Wurd's Hammer4 - 7This heavy hammer is called Wurd in honor of a large king of dwarves