List of items
RugsleepIt allow to sleep in the wilderness, you can't sleep in towns streets. You can be surprised by monsters while sleeping.  
Rope and hookclimbIt help to climb in the wilderness but you need the ability Wild Climbing for do that.  
TorchlightIt make light. It allow to enter in dark dungeons.  
MeateatYou can need to eat during a jurney. if you have the hunting ability you can gather some meat.  
ShoveldigIt allow to dig, in some case it will be useful  
PickaxedigAs the showel it allow to dig.  
WaterskindrinkThis allow you to drink during your journeys.  
Thief itemspicklockWith this tools you can opem doors amd chests easly  
FisheatAs the meat is good for eat during your journeys  
Fishing rodfishYou can fish when you are over a bridge. This item give you more chances  
MushroomseatUsing your wilderness knowledge you can find mushrooms.   
TinderboxfireUseful for light the fire.  
CorneatGood for eat.